Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Alligators - Rock, Bop, Jump! 2017

For years now,the Russian rockabilly scene  has been loaded with a whack of pretty good bands. Most of the bands get overlooked as it's hard to find out about them,especially over here in North America. One of those outfits, The Alligators has been making some big waves with their sweet and wild  "authentic rockabilly". They managed to catch the ear of Alan Wilson (Western Star Records)  and the result is their  stellar debut album," Rock, Bop, Jump!". This puppy confidently struts in with 16 tracks of kool rockabilly that will get you up and  moving.We get a good balance of originals and covers here that deliver more than a satisfying bang for your buck. For the most part this is all uptempo rockabilly and there isn't a weak track to be found.They also throw in a little hillbilly and some rock n roll flare into the mix .Highlights include: Goin' Strong", " All About You". ""Rock Bop Jump!","Sputnik" and "Bear Boogie Pub"
  Overall " Rock, Bop, Jump!"  is a top shelf effort  and a rockabilly album you should grab up From start to finish, this is a stout and enjoyable ride . Highly recommended !

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