Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Wreck - Sailors Grave 2017

Just when you think it's safe to set sail,along comes The Wreck .A group of psycho pirates that aim to take over the seven seas .With a whack of mayhem and pedigree they fired off a very kool warning shot earlier this year with the"Nosferatu"single.Now there back with a barrage and looking to take no prisoners .The band's debut album "Sailors Grave" has just washed ashore and this puppy is a straight up winner.Clocking in with 12 rockin' tracks of old school psychobilly that will light a fire under your ass.This is fun and brisk  psychobilly that has a little twist of new wave. It's also a damn refreshing and powerful ride that will have you coming back for more.Highlights include: "Space Outlaw:, "Morphine" The Day The Earth Stood Still", "Attack Of The Giant Bumblebee" and the sweet "Axe To Beat".
     There was a some major anticipation for "Sailors Grave" and it's safe to say that The Wreck  have delivered big time here .This is one pirate's treasure you want to snag up.Highly recommended!!!  

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