Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Sirocco Brothers - Come On In 2017

Not much is known about The Sirocco Bros. but one thing for sure is that they are simply a killer band(duo) that's all about the music.Many folks have wasted a lot time trying to figure out who these cats but let's face it,the fact that they very mysterious is kinda refreshing in this age of information over load.That said their dark brew of rockabilly,blues and roots is at times stunning, always haunting and stays with you.It's almost guaranteed that if you give them a listen, you'll be hooked. With a whack of stellar singles ,a couple of ep's and yes 2 albums ("Sirocco" and "Shake") under their belts they have become and rightfully so a big deal to many.The band's(duo) latest offering " Come On In" only cements their growing reputation.This puppy is a loaded gun of 16  powerful tracks that stay the course.So you know we get the usual dark, unique, authentic  mix of rockabilly,rock n roll  and blues.Also once again we get their latest singles and some new songs here. There really isn't a weak track to be found Highlights include: "Dead Bandidos","Bop", "The Drifter" (with Cousin Morgan)with , "Alcatraz" and "Hoo Doo"(with Alice Jayne).

         The Sirocco Bros. have delivered another winner with "Come On In"and it's easily one of the best releases of 2017.This is very stout and impressive outing that is a must have.Highly recomended !!!!

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