Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Devils Deuce - Supercharged 2017

For been a new band The Devils Deuce(from Cornwall,England) have made a whack of noise in just a short time.Late last year they released the damn smart ep "Passion Pit" that got more than a few people excited .This rockabilly /neorockabilly outfit likes to open up the throttle and kicks butt They also mean business and don't like wasting time.As a result they have just dropped their debut album "Supercharged" and it's pretty sweet.This puppy rushes in with 15 kool tracks(2 from the ep) of "high octane rockabilly"/neorockabilly that rock out and will have you up and moving.This really gives you a big bang for your buck and is loaded with fun killer tracks.Highlights include: "Cool Cat Died","Live For The Weekend","Run" and "Wiped Out"

    From start to finish "Supercharged" hits the mark and delivers a refreshing blast rockabilly that leaves you wanting more.It's a stout album all the way around and one you'll be glad you picked up.Hell your better half will really think your kool when you lay this on them.Highly recommended!!

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