Sunday, 21 May 2017

Klax - Last Zyborg 2017

It's been around 5 years now since the Texan Psycho's Klax released their fine debut album "Recycle-Billy". A more than solid slab of old school inspired psychobilly that put them on the map.Over the past few years they have kept pretty busy and have managed to garner a strong following.Now Klax is back with their sophomore album " Last Zyborg" and this time out the game has changed in a big and ballsy way.Instead of staying the course they have slammed on the breaks and veered into  meaner,darker and more aggressive psychobilly. Add into the mix cyber punk and some shades of thrash and the result is one powerful and impressive album.But here's the real kicker : this is a sci-fi themed concept album about  lazy humans,androids and cyborgs in a bleak,corrupt future.You got to give it to Klax not just for trying this but also for pulling it off. The story is told in 10 chapters that move at a kinetic pace and hold your attention from start to finish. Also pretty much each track(chapter) can stand on it's own and that makes the album even stronger.
      Klax have really put themselves out there with "Last Zyborg" and the result is pretty damn kool .One can argue that  in someways this is a groundbreaking album for psychobilly.Some will debut that but no matter how you cut it this is a killer album with a story to tell. Highly Recommended!  

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