Sunday, 29 January 2017

Whiskey Daredevils - The Good Fight 2016

The Whiskey Daredevils are flat out good and if you don't know that you should.Over the years and 9 albums in , these cats have always delivered the goods .Playing a mix bag of cowpunk,rockabilly,garage,punkabilly and rock n roll ,they have managed to stay vital and  refreshing. Saying that,the band's 10th and latest record "The Good Fight" is one hell of a ride that you gotta like.This time out we get 12 tracks that really mix it up and it just may be their most diverse album yet.This isn't as hard hitting as 2015's "Nashville Surprise " but it is  better.We get more twang ,more country,a little blues and it as a whack of speed and power too boot.This is roots rock that really rips it up and isn't for the faint of heart .Highlights include: "3 O’Clock In The Morning", "It’s Just Jail ", " I Don’t Love Your Sister", "Sunshine Girls" and "Mojo Twist "
           Put it simply "The Good Fight" is another stellar effort by a band that still sounds refreshing and fun. If your looking for something that pushed the fold this puppy is for you and even if your not you should take a chance here.It's a pretty kool album. Recommended!!!

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