Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Infernos - Too Hot To Handle! 2016

Over the last few years Australia's The Infernos have been ripping up the scene down under and have started to develop a strong international following.The reasons are easy to see and hear ,this is an outfit that's known to be a  pretty good live act  and play a brand of infectious neo rockabilly you can't help but like. With 2 strong albums ,"On Fire"(2012)and "Still Fired Up"(2014) under their belts, this became a band to keep an eye on.Now these cats are back with "Too Hot To Handle!" an impressive effort  that deliver the goods.Coming  in with  an intro and 14  original tracks of neo rockabilly/ rockabilly with a dash of rock n roll.This is a refreshing fun ride that aims to please.Highlights include: "She's The One", "Treat Me Right", " Feel So Bad" and "No Way Out".
       With "Too Hot To Handle!" The Infernos have stepped  it up and the result is a flat out winner from start to finish.You can't go wrong with this one. Highly Recommended!!

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