Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Magnetix - Rabbit The Robot Robot The Rocket 2016

Few bands as they say really "explode onto the scene",The Magnetix are one.Hell back in 2011 they came out of the gate with 2 flat out killer albums "With Their Amazing First Album" and "Boo-Bop- A-Boo". This was and is old school psychobilly that nails it.After that fast start the band toured lots  and garnered a pretty good following.However fans have had to wait along time for new material and that wait ended earlier this year with the release of  the excellent  ep  "The Birdman". Also the long awaited 3rd album " Rabbit The Robot  Robot The Rocket" is finally here and yes it's better than damn good. Slapping in with 12 originals and 2 covers of crisp and kool old school psychobilly that will have you up and moving.Sure it may be more of the same  but this time out they seem to turn up the heat.From start to finish this is  strong ,consisted and vital, with no week tracks. Highlights include: "Martian Fever", "Do It Like Gorilla Does" , "Me The Ghost", " and  "Cool Daddy-O"
    Once again The Magnetix have dropped another killer album with " Rabbit The Robot  Robot The Rocket " . Not only is this one of the years best but it's a must have and hopefully we won't have to wait too long for their next album.Highly Recommended !!!

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