Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion – With Monsters and Gods 2016

You got to give it to The Hillbilly Moon Explosion,this veteran Swiss outfit has always blazed their own path.Sure they have whack of swagger but their koolness and sophistication  is backed up by an equal  amount of talent.This is a "billy" band  that has an impressive ability to change from one genre to another and that  separates them from the rest of the pack.Each release is a mix bag of goodies and their latest effort, "With Monsters and Gods" continues the trend.This puppy struts in with 14 tracks that are fresh ,diverse and pretty much what one would expect.However this time out they ratchet up the rock n roll/rockabilly,hell this is their most rockin' album yet.From straight out rockers to slow burners and the usual jumping over into other genres make this is one very  kool and satisfying ride.Highlights include: " Heartbreak Boogie", "Depression", "Temptation", the previously released "Call Me" and "Down On Your Knees".
To some The Hillbilly Moon Explosion  are a hard group to get into and this album "With Monsters and Gods" should change that.This is easily their  best and most accessible release to date. Recommended!! 

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