Monday, 23 May 2016

Clockwork Psycho - I Don't Give A Fuck 2016

Clockwork Psycho are one outfit that's up to the challenge.After releasing a stellar debut album  "Nightmares From Laibach" back in 2014 the band found themselves in big demand. The amount of press (all good)  and airplay they received  was and is kinda rare for a psychobilly band. These kats then went out ,worked harder and then got signed to Diablo Records .The results are now out for all to hear with "I Don't Give A Fuck"    and there's no  sophomore  jinx here.This is one impressive  raging slab of psychobilly /punkabilly that comes in with 12 tracks that don't let up.We get more psychobilly and less punk this time out. Right from the get go this puppy steps up and grabs your attention.Highlights include: " Library Of Abandoned Hope", "Go Away !", " Corpse That Stayed" , "Dead Boy" and "Clockwork Psycho"
                    Overall this is a stronger and  better sounding album than their debut.One reason for this is that Doley (Guitar Slingers,Diablo Records) did the production. However Clockwork Psycho is simply a better band now.This is one tough, hungry and damn good band that has a kool edginess about them.Best keep an eye on these kats. Highly recommended!!

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