Monday, 23 May 2016

Punch Drunk Cabaret - Electrik Steam Show 2016

The voice comes on and says "tickets please,enjoy the show" and you just know all is good because  Punch Drunk Cabaret are about to step up. Hell the kings of "Steampunk swing " always deliver and aren't afraid to throw a few surprises at you along the way.The band is now back with it's 3rd album "Electrik Steam Show" and this time out they really flex their muscles.Sure it's a bit eclectic and we  get the mix bag of roots, rockabilly and steampunk but it's surprisingly ramped up here.This is easily PDC most rockin' and hardest album yet.We get 10 tracks and an intro that really bare that out and it's a pretty diverse too boot.Highlights include: "Halos and Horns", "Meat on the Bones", " Hell Etc", "Voodoo Vodka Stomp" and "Detonation Time" 
      Punch Drunk Cabaret continue to make kool and diverse rock n roll. With "Electrik Steam Show" they back that up.This may not be for everyone but when given a chance it will win you over,it's that good .Yes it's a killer rock n roll album and PDC still can't be put into a box.You have to like that. Recommended!!! 

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