Sunday, 15 May 2016

Hank Angel and His Island Devils - All Hopped Up ! 2016

When  Hank Angel and His Island Devils release a new disc your guaranteed a couple of things: it's going to be good  and a blast of  fun. After all this is a pretty talented outfit that doesn't take itself too seriously and that's a good thing.As a result their brand of rockabilly/rocknroll  is infectious and kinda kool .That said the band's latest release  "All Hopped Up !" is a straight out winner.Clocking in with 14 tracks that rock, bop ,strut and nail it. We get mix of rockabilly and rock n roll with "junky blues" thrown' into the pot for an added punch. Also like in the past we get some kool harp and sax action  that up the ante.Highlights include: "Honey Don’t Cool Off ", " Crash The Hop", "All Hopped Up", "Roadmen" and "Rockabilly Til I Die".

       From a couple of slower numbers too all out rockers "All Hopped Up ! " is a total blast.This is one of those albums you can't help but like.It hooks you in and then delivers more than you expect.Hell it leaves you wanting more.Highly Recommended !!

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