Sunday, 29 May 2016

Tiger Army - V 2016

Love them or hate them,Tiger Army have always been an important psychobilly band.Once a unifying force  in the psychobilly scene, they became a polarizing one with the 2007 release of "Music From Regions Beyond". By changing up the band's musical sound and direction they lost a whack of their old fans and gained their wrath but at the same time grew  a bigger fan base.I say all this because I personally have never been a fan but do prefer their first couple of albums,so you know were this review comes from. That said the band's new album  "V" has been 9 years in the making and probably won't change the way most view the band.This puppy comes in with a prelude and 12 tracks  that  make for an interesting mix bag.We do get a little psychobilly ,some country ,shades of punk and at times an early/ mid  60's rock n roll vibe. The album starts off hard and fast  but don't let that fool you.It's almost like Nick 13(the only original member) is giving into the old fan base.From there the album with the exception of  a couple of tracks  could be a  Nick 13  solo album .Highlights are "Devil Lurks On The Road ","Prelude Ad Victoriam", "Firefall" and the catchy " Prisoner Of The Night"

All said and done "V" will probably be  Tiger Army's most successful album so far but it's also their most mainstream effort .It has a few moments  and let's just leave it there.

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