Saturday 20 February 2016

Véloniños - Véloniños 2016

You may not heard of the Véloniños but to a whole wack of  people( including myself) out there, they are a big deal.With two thirds of The Shakin' Pyraminds in the lineup ,you just know there is something special going on here.Last year in 2015 the band released the stellar self titled ep and now they have followed it up with their self titled debut album.We get 10 tracks here that run the gamut from rockabilly, blues to rock n roll and shades country. The band changes things up with an ease and coolness that will color you impressed. Highlights include "Alabamaman", "Preacherman", "Mad Cat Dynamo", "Hey Véloniño!" and " Red Diesel Medicine".
  The Véloniños have delivered an album that is hard to pigeon hold.It's diverse ,strong, very rewarding and will grow on you.It's good, in fact it's very good. Highly Recommended !!!! 

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