Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mississippi Queen - Oh Yeah! 2016

Over the years the long standing Croatian outfit Mississippi Queen have become one of the top European rockabilly acts and rightfully so. These kats site firmly at the corner of rockabilly and country.No matter which way they turn one thing for sure is that it's always authentic and pretty sweet to boot.The band's last album was the impressive "Rock-a-Billy Heaven Bound" back in 2008.So a new album has been a long time coming.Well the wait is over and yes it was worth the wait.The latest effort (their 5th), "Oh yeah!" is their most rockin' yet.This  puppy struts in with 13 originals and one cover of kool authentic rockabilly and country. These kats have always managed to strike a good balance but this time out they lean a little  more toward rockabilly/ rock n roll and as a result this puppy at times rocks  damn good.Highlights include: " Ol Black Busted Guitar", "Oh Yeah" , "Everybody Have A Ball" and "Mississippi Queen"
         Overall this is another very strong effort by a band that knows how to deliver the goods.These kats still have it and really seem to be on top of their game here. Hell "Oh Yeah!" may just be the band's best yet and that's more than enough  to add it to your wish list.Recommended !!    

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