Sunday, 7 February 2016

Twisted Rod - Boozin' and Boppin' 2016

There is no doubt  Twisted Rod is one serious contender,hell their "authentic rockabilly has been winning fans over for a few years now.The band's debut album from 2014,"Bring It On Home" is one smoking hot  album that firmly put them on the map.Now there back with the sophomore effort "Boozin' and Boppin' " and it's another winner.This puppy deals out 13 slices (10 originals) of dangerously fun rockabilly/rock n roll.These kats  know what they do  best and stick with it. The result is an album with a  pretty kool groove that ranges  from a kool slow tempo number to all out rockers.That should come as no surprise  as we are talking about Twisted Rod here.Highlights include: "Booze Bop"," Get On The Train",  the instrumental track "Tempest" and "Rattle Shakin' Mama".
       Overall  "Boozin' and Boppin' " is very an enjoyable album that is stronger than the band's debut. If anything this shows that these kats are damn good and they just keep getting better.Highly Recommended .

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