Sunday, 13 December 2015

Six Gun Romeo - The Filth 2015

With two stellar albums under their belt Six Gun Romeo are a band that always delivers the goods.This is one fun and damn good outfit that you can't help but like.Their brand of rockabilly/rock n roll is not only infectious but it's also instantly recognizable. The band's 3rd album " The Filth" has now dropped  and it's another winner  by these kats. Clocking in with 13 pretty kool original tracks that will light a fire under your ass.This time out we get the usual rockabilly/rock n roll and also a little more blues thrown into the mix.There is also more harp action  to help round out the action Highlights include: "My Baby,Baby", "2 Shot's Whiskey","Who'dat Knockin' ", "Polka-Dot Dress" and "Quarter Mile".
  Six Gun Romeo are a band that you should be aware of and "The Filth" is their best album to date.This is a blast of fresh air, that's a fun ride.Hell even your kids will think your kool when they hear you playing it.Highly Recommended !

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