Sunday, 15 December 2013

Screamin Rebel Angels - Hitch Hike 2013

Since 2011 these Brooklyn bashers have been turning heads and knocking them dead with their fireball brand of modern rockabilly.Their" Pounce Like a Tiger"ep (2011) and the single "Out Of This World"(2012) showed that this band means business and is not just your average rockabilly inspired band.Now the Screamin  Rebel Angels have dropped their debut album  and this puppy has more than enough spark and sizzle to satisfied .We get 12 tracks here that range from straight up rockabilly to shades of country and blues to rock n roll. The band also throws in a little bit of harp action on one track and some sax on another . This has all the elements of  modern rockabilly and it is done very well.Highlights include: "Savage Stomp","Mayday","Sizzle" and one of the best versions  of  Leiber and Stoller's "Saved" that your ever going to hear.

   What can I say "Hitch Hike' is  fresh, diverse and damn strong, what more do you want.Recommended

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