Sunday, 8 December 2013

Jack Rabbit Slim – Won’t Stay Down -2013

The one thing everybody agrees with about  Jack Rabbit Slim is that they are pretty damn good.With every release this band just seems to get better.Known as proprietors of sleaze-a-billy these kats have become one of the biggest rockabilly based acts out there.After all  this is one kool,unique and killer rock band .That said JRS hit the ground running with a new line-up for " Won’t Stay Down"(the band's 6th album,not counting the one with Sue Moreno) .This puppy whacks you with 12  impressive tracks that deliver the goods. We get that rockabilly,garage punk and rock n roll mix that one would expect but it kinda sounds stronger this time around.Highlights include "Pretty In Ink", "Revenge Of The Puppets ","Room 337 ","10lbs Of Sad (In A 5lbs Bag).
   The album oozes a rock n roll koolness that few have.Here is a band with swagger and they can back it up.Just how good they really are remains to be seen.Recommended

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