Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Shaki Katz Radio Playlist, May12, 2021


0. Shakin Katz Thene    The Vanishers

1. Long Long Night    The Monster Klub    single

2. Dance   Banane Metalik   No Surrender  ep

3. Five Minutes Of Fury    Johnny Nightmare   Kicking Satan Out Of Hell    request

4. Six Rounds   The Brains    Drunk Not Dead     request

5. I Don't Need You Anymore   Calamitiez    S/T

6. The Devil's Tail    Vern Jules & The Aquanaunts    The Spectre

7. Dead Sled    Karl "Rascal" K    S/T  ep

8. The Bug Of Planet Zee    The Krewmen    The Adventures Of ...

9. Over The Hills    The Quaranteds    Over The Hills 

10. Psycho   Screamin' Sins    Deadly Seven

11. Crossbone Prince    Los Hell Gaamblers    single

12. This Is Not A Cooperate Athem    Cheap Violent Cats   Pandemonium In Our Quirky Town

13. Shaker -Attack    The B-Shakers   Shaker- Attack

14. Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie    Harry and The Hounds    Release The Hounds

15. Sounds Of The Highway    The Tin Cans    Back For More

16. Let's Go    Cousin Harley    Let's Go

17. Jolene    Pink Cadillac Scat Cats    Rip It Up  ep

18. Docking Bay 69    The Surf Hermits   Hang Zen

19. Dance Baby   Ricky Rocket & The Phantoms    single

20. Lone Legged Linda   Ross & The Wildest   Young Breed Compilation Vol.3

21. Little Red Head   The Swingin' Blackjacks   4 Smash Hits   ep

22. Crazy Days, Crazy Nights   The Raccoons    single

23. Shut Up Baby    The Scuffy Kings    Beer O' Clock

24. S.OS.   The Kaputniks    A Breif History Of The Cold War Vol.2

25. I'm An Old Man   The Rocket Revellers   Let's Have Some Fun  request

26. Flat Top Boogie   The Unkool Hillbillies    single   

27. I Don't Need    Lily Locksmith    single   request

28. Lucky Penny    JD McPherson   Undivided Heart & Soul    request

29. Burlesque    The FetTones    Stop Frettin'

30. Black Sand Beach   The Coffin Daggers   The Eleki Album

31. Party Plates    Lords Of The Highway    More Rock Than Billy

32. Grave Stomp   The Grave Stompers   Black Leather Ghouls From Fiendsville

33. 66 Cuts   Graveyard Bashers    single

34. Universal Hero Superstar   The Redneck Zombies   True Bavarian Hellbilly

35. Dead Man Walking   Frenetic Trio   Undead Insurrection   ep

36. Escape Plan Delta Omega    King Ghidora   The Secert Origins Of An Unknown  Plantery Destoryer

37. Let's Go and Kill Tonight   Oscar B    La Mort Aux Trousses

38. Blue Eyes    Flesh   Resurrection       request

39. Bottle Caps & Broken Glass   Nuke Mutants    Speedbilly Rock 'n' Roll

40. Think I'm Turning Psycho   The Dukes Of Bordello   Deaf Or Gory  ep

41. Good For Nothing   The Two Steps Goodbye   The Age Of Atom  ep

42. Go     The Huaraches   Curl Up With ....

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