Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, May19, 2021 ,CHRW 94.9 FM


0. Shakin Katz Radio Theme     The Vanishers

1. Smoky Page Bettie   AT's Roots & Ramblin     single

2. Don't Let Go     Bloodshot Bill    Get Loose Or Get Lost

3. Half In The Bag    Six Gun Romeo   single

4. Life's A Drag    The Rough Housers   single    request

5. Love Me    Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins    Thats Life

6. Crime Wave    Los Dedos    S/T ep

7. That's The Day ( I Never Will Forget)   Pepita Slappers    single

8. Tribute To Rock 'n' Roll     Nine Lives    single    request

9. 3 Days In Memphis    The Hurricanes    Devil's Choice

10. Sure Know What Your Doin'    The Royal Crowns    Vol.3

      B-Shakers jingle

11. Rocket Gal    The B-Shakers    Shaker - Attack

12. Snubbed    Alberta Beach    S/T  ep

13. What Did I Do Wrong    The Loveless Bastards    Keeper Of The Flame   ep

14. Frenzy    The Tripplejacks    Wan Chai Sessions Live  ep

15. Bone Stimulator    The Dead Beat Jacks    Graveyard Chicks Are Easy

16. Midnight Prowler    Stage Frite    Revenge Of The Killer Coypu    request

17. Till Death Do Us Apart    Mad Sin    Unbreakable   

18. Eat My Dust    K.V. &The Cave Dwellers    Beach Party At Drac's

19. Messiah Of The East   Madhouse    Fragile Like A Bomb

20. Speed Crazy    Vulture Club   God Slaves At Planet Retard    

21. Losing Control    Spitfire Demons    Death From Above   ep

22. Mad At You    Speedmobile    S/T  ep

23. Pedal To The Metal     Speedbilly    Hillbilly Speed Freak ep

24. Pistolero    The Cavaleros    Atomic !

25. Pay Me In Cash    The Matadors    single

26. Green Death Fever    Christian D   single

27. Jacqueline    Adriano Batolba Trio    How Much Does It Cost If It's Free

28. Sweet Fanny Mae    Sonny West   Feel The Heat

29. Bad Attitude    Howlin' Lou & His Whip Lovers   Bad Attitude 

30. Surf Burger     The Terrorsurfs    Mutant Surfin' Trash

31. Well!   Dave Del Monte & The Cross Country Boys featuring Crash Gordon    single 

32. Upside Down    The Black Moon Boys    Nuthouse     request 

33. Bottle To The Baby   Charlie Feathers    Best Of...    request

34. Hoy Hoy   The Collin Kids   Rockin' Rollin;

35. Hepcat    Larry Terry   Ultra Rare Rockabilly Vol.1 

36. Ramrod    The Bel-Airs    Volcanic Action

37. Stomp   The Slick-Tones   single

38. Rockabilly   King Drapes    Rockers On The Loose

39. Hummin'    Rockabilly Strangers    Midwest To Southwest

40. Two-Bit Hustler   Boom! Boom! Deluxe    Teenage Juvenile Delinquent Rock n Roll Horror Beach Party

41. I'm A Hobo    Howlin' Ramblers   Men With Broken Hearts   request

42. Road Trippin'   Vern Jules & The Aquanauts    The Spectre

43. Chicago Typewriter   The Dixie Fried Hep Katz    S/T

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