Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Annual Canada Day Special Playlist,June 30,2021


0.Shakin Katz Radio Theme    The Vanishers
1. Goonie Bird    The Royal Crowns    32 Miles  From Memphis     request
2. Wild Wild Mummy    The Devil's Hot Rod    Dirty Rocks For Broken Hearts
3. Honey Don't Kool Off On Me    Hank Angel and His Island Devils    All Hopped Up !
4. Wild Wild Baby   The Nerrvous Fellas   The Other Side Of Rock N Roll
5. 1963 Galaxie   Swank   The Survival Issue
6. Go Go Island    Urban Surf Kings    Surf Vs. The Flying Saucers
7. Here Comes The Night   Billy Guitar   Shakin' Up North
8. Salamay    Hank Davis    One Way Track       request
9. Rock To The Music    The Rhythm Jestors    Ultimate Rockabilly Classics
10. Shake Shake   The Blue Tones    The King Story
11. 30 Days   Ronnie Hawkins    The Roulette Years    request
12. Guitare Jet   Les Jaguars     S/T
13. My Baby Rocks    The Dixie Fried Hep Katz    S/T     request
14. Shakin Down    The Shakedown Combo    Shakin Down 
15. Rumble Strip    The Dice Cubes    Got Lucky!
16. Cat Fight   Alistar Christle    8 Songs By
17. Midnight Train   Screaming Black Cadillacs    S/T   request
18.Last Of The V-8 Interceptors    The Reverb Syndicate   Last Of The V-8 Interceptors    request
19. 6 Rounds    The Brains   Drunk Not Dead  
20. I'm A Rock   The Deadcats    Bucket O Love
21. Shake Your Brain    The Blackrats   Shake Your Brain   
22. Bust Out The Boogie   The Black Frame Spectacle    The Grady Sessions 2
23. Whole Damn Bottle   Running From Daylight   Elvis Ain't Dead Yet
24. Trantula Twist    K.V. Raucous and The Cave Dwellers    Beach Party At  Drac's
25. Playground Horror Peepshow   The Gutter Demons   Enter The Deamonz    request
26. Kings Ransom   Matchless    Pills and Blades   request
27. With Venegance    The Devil's Sons   Godless Creatures
28. Psycho Ball And Chain   The Greepshow    Sell Your Soul
29. Surfin' To Hell    Evil Elvis    Tattoo'd Fuckwit
30. Skeleton Dance    The King Beez   Death Proof  Vol.1
31. The Evil Eye   The Matadors   The Devil's Music
32. The Hanged Man   The House Of Haunt   Habeas Corpses
33. Dodging Bullets    The Meat Hookers   Zombie Night In Canada Vol.2
34. Kitten With A Whip   Big John Bates  Flamethrower
35. Chains    The Farrell Bros.  This Is A Riot     request
36. Break These Chains    The Raygun Cowboys   Cowboy Up!
37. Casbah    The Blue Denons     single
38. Ain't No Rest For Elvis   The Pink Cadillac Scat Cats    Rip It Up  ep
39. Devil Girl Stomp    Twin Fin   Whiskey Wine and Venom Love  
40.  Mai Tai    The Thing From Outer Space    single
41. She's My Rock & Roll   Burnin' Ethyl    Rock n Roll Combustion   request

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