Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist , April 28, 2021


0. Shakin Katz Theme   The Vanishers

1.Half In The Bag    Six Gun Romeo  single

2. Feel Real Fine    Shook Boys    Young Breed Compilation Vol.3

3. Bullet In The Head    The Jets    Bolt Of Lightning    request

4. Boppin' Guitar    Legacaster   Boppin' Guitar  

5. She Got The Moves   Silvertooth Loos & The Witch   Witch Music

6. Alien Secretion    The Surfaders     Shaken and Distrubed

7. Brand New Shades Of Cool    Lonesome Dave Fisher   single

8. Sit Down Comedian    Dave Del Monte & The Cross Country Boys    single

9. Can't Go On Livin'    Bloodshot Bill & His Bluecaps   Fathers &Sons Of Garage Compilation

10. High Priced Women    Arsen Roulette   In Mono Phonic 

11. Man From Uncle    The Greystone Collective    Cathode Rays    request

12. 66 Cuts   Graveyard Bashers   Wreck'em Dead

13. Comes Out   Robin   single

14. Who Killed The Cheerleader   Nekromantix    Life Is A Grave   request

15. What Have I Done    Sir Psyko and His Monsters   Zombie Rock

16. Walltown Kid   Jack Ice   Weclcome To Our World

17. Tarantula Twist   K.V. Raucous & The Cave Dwellers    Beach Party At Drac's

18. Hot Rod Car   Norm &The Nightmarez   The Chamber Of Chills

19. Get Back In The Swamp   The Metoers  Skull N Bones

20. Satan Takes A Holiday   The Moonshine Stalkers   single

21. Surfin' To Hell    Evil Elvis   Tattoo'd Fuckwit

22. Head Shot   Cracks   Psychotic Pride  

23. Maximum Radiation Level   The Jugaloons   Ruin The Party   request

24. Bikes Beer and Wild Guitars   Kings Of Hong Kong   Rat Bikes & Wild Guitars From Mars  Side 1

25. Take Me Down To Hell     The Earls Of Satan   Take Me Down To Hell   ep

26. The Madness Of Suzuki Seijiun   The Broadway Twisters  South By South West 2   request

27. The Doors Of Heaven   No Hit Makers   S/T  ep   request

28. Para Que Esperar   Nu Niles    S/T

29. Skeleton Dance    King Beez   Death Proof Vol.1

30. Got Noboby To Love   The Voodootones   single

31. Sinner Not A Saint   The Beat From Palookaville    single

32. Lovin' Smile   Corra Lynn and Her Rhythm Snacthers   Rockin' The Way I Feel

33. Come Destroy Me   Marti Brom and Her Rancho Notorious   Midnight Bus  request

34. Hot Mess   Christian D and The Hangovers  Shake It Or Leave It

35. Tsunami Fly   Los Caminos   Road To Santa Cruz

36. Let's Buzz    Action Andy & The Hi- Tones   Route 666 The DEVIL'S Highway   V/A

37.Make Me Motor   The Dice Cubes   Make Me Motor

38. Dosis De Rock   Nicotyna   Sesion De Rock

39. Drunken Robot   Steve and The Ghost Trio   Drunken Robot

40. I Wrote My Baby A Letter   The Nitros   Something's Gotta Give

41. 3 O'Clock Baby   The Wolftones   Neo- Rockin' Blues-A-Billy

42. Natural Disater   The Tiger Sharks   Walk With Me   

d Shot   Cracks

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