Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, May 26, 2021


0.Shakin Katz Theme   The Vanishers
1.Give Me The Mic!    The Gangnails     Rolling Tunes  
2. Dark Days    Doghouse Rose    The Harder They Fall     request
3. Tear It Up    The Devil Wrays    Hard Times 
4. Whatever Happened To Rock n Roll    Mojo Kings   Whatever Happened To Rock n Roll   
5. Heads Are Gonna Roll    Raygun Cowboys     Heads Are Gonna Roll  
6. Against The Tide    Colt Cobra    Gasoline X  Colt Cobra   Split
7. Twisted Nightmares    Graveyard Bashers    Wreck'em Dead
8. Get Out Of My Head    Speed Sickers   Inestables
9. Cold Call   Gutter Demons    No God No Ghost No Saints    request
10. Bikes Beer and Wild Guitars    Kings Of Hong Kong    Rat Bikes and Wild Guitars From Mars
11. Wolf Bite   The Avery Wolves    Call Of The Wolf 
12. Traque' par le temps, sauve' par l' espace Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards   Retrofurturism Vol. 2
13. Let's Go   Laura Hope & The Arktones   Here To Tell A Tale
14. Right Time    The Ventons    Right Time 
15. Lonesome Rider    Eddy & The Backfires    Dead Man Stare
16.  It's Too Late    Snakebite   Rock Rumble & Roll
17. Down Out  and Restless   Lou Cifer and The Hellions    Rockville Revelation 
18. Trench Run   The Surf Hermits   Hang Zen
19. Go Baby Go    Brandon Cunning    Halfway There
20. Rat Rod Mama    The Best Bad Influnce     Rock- It!    request
21. This Is The Night    The Palomars   Out Of The Past
22. Hey Mae    The Zodiacs    Here At Last
23. Schwip Schwap    Wild Rooster   single
24. Contra Las Cuerdas    Los Mambo Jambo    Exotic Rendezvous 
25. Little Mama   Kent Wennman  Rockabilly Quartet     single
26. Smokey Page Bettie   AT's Roots  & Ramblin     single   request
27. Long Gone Fool    Danny Duke and The Northern Stars   Long Gone Fools
28. Maryann   Peter & The Wolves    Papa's Goin' Out Of Town
29. Lockdown Lonely (Alt. version)    The Honkabillies   The Lockdown Sessions
30. Surf and Destory    Baja Bug   The Surf Will Rise Again   
31. The Beast    Phantom Rockers    single
32. Massacre   The Grave Mistakes    Dig Your Own Grave    request
33. The Lost Boys Choir    Clockwork Psycho   Nightmares From Laiback
34. One More Jack    Dead Bollox   Mad Like Me
35. Still Alive   Grumpynators   Still Alive    request
36. Space Age Jimmy   Danger Death Ray    single
37. What You See Is What You Get   Blue Rockin'    No Secerts... Just Rock n Roll
38. Good Life Baby    The Flattrackers    single
39. Hide Your Mind    The Mighty Interceptors     Hide Your Mind It's The The Mighty Interceptors 
40.  Jack O Bones    Wreck Ya To Death    Wreck Ya To Death
41. Return Of The Angry Gentlemen    The Reverb Syndicate    Mondo Cacti

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