Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, June 9, 2021


0. Shakin Katz Radio Theme    The Vanishers

1.Rock' n Roll Radio    One Dollar Trio   Slapback

2. Don't Ring The Bell   The Spunyboys   Just A Little Beat

3. Hot Pink Cowboy Boots    The Great Pretenders    Moscow  Stone Greasers

4. Leopard Print Unbrella   Coal Davie and The Rockabillionaires   single 

5. Getting High, Getting Low    Johnny Rumble and The Law 4000   single

6. Rockabilly Town Reloaded    Crazy Cubes    Rockabilly 25 Years

7. Spiderman    The Kaputniks    single

8. Your My Queen Bee    Hightdrivers    Supercharged

9. She Has To Go   The Hi-Strung Downers   Here She Lies    request

10. Headin' Out Country    Emma and The Ragmen    single     request

11. Shaker Attack    The B-Shakers    Shaker Attack 

12. Always Blue   Gunsmoke   S/T

13. Hitchcocks    Last Man   single

14. Whatever's Left Of Me    Bat Hearse  S/T

15. Krakatoa Man    Kings Of Hong Kong   Empire Of Fuzz

16. Attack Of The Giant Purple Lobster   Washington Dead Cats   Best Of...

17. Rhythm Of Your Soul   Queens Of Everything   God Save The Queens

18. Sharknado  Apocalypse    Killer Tone Jones   Sharknado  Apocalypse   request

19. Instragram    Hellblazers    Psychobilly Mind Fuck   ep

20. Twisted Nightmares    Graveyard Bashers    Wreck' Em Dead

21. Dead Man Walking    Frentic Trio    Undead Insurrection   ep

22. Villian    BAT!    Bat Music For Bat People   request

23. Hellbound     Hellbound Hitmen    Dial M For Murder

24. Bonneville Blast    The Green Refectors   Long Distance Jams   Season 2 Episode 1  request

25. Drop The Hammer    Speedbilly   Raise Hell / Praise Dale   ep

26. Jukebox Massacre   The Freak Billyz    Monstros

27. Sinners and Saints    The Creepshow    Life After Death

28. She's Hot    69 Cats   Seven Year Itch     request

29. Night Of The Sadist   Thee Twangjackets    single

30. Psycho Boring   Surf Aliens    Coquetel Anunnaki

31. A Train Called Rock 'n' Roll    The Bopcats    Wild Jungle Rock   request

32. I Ain't Going Home With You    The Confusionaires   From The Headache To The Heartache

33. Cuts So Deep     Remote Kontrol    single

34. Mayhem    Imelda May    Mayhem    request

35. When Life Comes Knockin'    Love Tattoo    When Life Comes Knockin' 

36. Poser   Frankie and The Pool Boys   Spin The Bottle

37. Hot Rod   Las Avispas Locus    S/T    request 

38.  Kustom Kulture Baby   Anti Edge and The Shadowbirds   Old Cars,Tattoos,Bad Girls and Wild Guitars

39. Psychobilly Popstar   The Caravans    No Mercy

40. Motorhead Girl   Hillbilly Moon Explosion    Damn Right Honey!

41. Absolutley Sweet Marie   Jason and The Scorchers    Fervor    request

42. Polton Rock    K.V. Raucous and The Cave Dwellers   Beach Party At Drac's  

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