Friday, 29 May 2020

Mark Malibu & the Wasagas - Dance Party a' Go Go 2020

   If your looking for a sure bet, Mark Malibu & the Wasagas are for you.Over the last couple of years they have emerged as one of Canada's top surf bands.Hell, there is plenty of people who flat out will tell you  they are the best. Sure they are a  fun and killer live outfit but they also deliver the goods with each release. Their latest album "Dance Party a' Go Go" comes in with a fun and healthy dose of swagger that lives up to it's title. We get 2 psa's and 12 tracks of mostly rockin' surf with a little garage and traditional surf throwin' into the mix.There is also a couple of slower numbers that add balance to the affair. Highlights include: "Wasaga Twist", :Gnarly Ride", "Middle Of The Wave", Bluffer's Park and "Monster On The Loose".
     Mark Malibu & the Wasagas are in full stride here so you damn well know "Dance Party a' Go Go" is a winner.Topshelf baby and one that will have you hitting the repeat.Highly recommended!!!

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