Saturday, 4 May 2019

Hellcats - Dance To The Devil's Beat 2019

    Earlier this year I hear through the grapevine about this killer new rockabilly  that I really should check out .To be honest most of the time I'm left disappointed. In this case the band is the Hellcats and man what a kool surprise ,these cats rock .Hell they also have some pedigree and were signed  up  by Foot Tapping Records based on been a killer live band.That said the band's debut album " Dance To The Devil's Beat" is one sweet kinetix rockabilly slab.This puppy growls and struts in with 14 original tracks that will lite a fire under your ass. It's all rockabilly /neo rockabilly packed with a  rock n roll vibe.With no weak tracks to be found,this is one pretty stout debut.Highlights include: "Tow That Line", "Bad Habit", "Rockin' All Nite" and"Ain't Gonna Worry"
       The Hellcats bring it on with " Dance To The Devil's Beat" and it's one of the better debut albums to come down the pike in a while.This is definitely a band you need  to check out and trust me you'll be glad you did Highly recommended!!     

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