Friday, 9 November 2018

The Black Moon Boys - Nuthouse 2018

  Every year there are a few releases that one gets excited about and one of those releases for me is The Black Moon Boys debut album. Like many folks ,these Montreal rockabilly cats hooked me in when they dropped their stellar  self-titled ep back in early 2016.That ep caught a lot of people off guard, got a whack of airplay,not only in Canada but also internationally  and still gets a fair share of airplay today.Their debut album; "Nuthouse" is now here and this puppy doesn't disappoint.Hell this is one blast of fun, refreshing hip shaking rockabilly.We get 10 original tracks and 1 cover.Two of the tracks are from their ep. From straight up rockabilly to all out rockers,a slow burner and a little 50's inspired rock n rock ,this is one sweet ride.Highlights include: "Sharkbait", "Time To Go", "Truth Or Dare" and "Nuthouse".
     Not only does "Nuthouse" live up to expectations, it surpasses them.It will color you impressed and leaves you wanting more.You know it's damn stout  when even the christmas song is freakin' kool.One of the years best by a band you should know. Highly recommended!!    

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