Sunday, 18 November 2018

Thee Creepfreaks - Tales From Thee Creepfreaks 2018

 You got to give Thee Creepfreaks credit, these psycho cats are persistent, despite some bad timing and membership changes. They released a stout,wild and rough 7 song demo back in 2015. But just as it starting getting some traction,bang life got in the way and not for the first time.The band had some more struggles but when the dust settled,they hit their stride and signed up with Greystone Records. Earlier this year(2018) they released the strong and rockin' debut album "Tales From Thee Creepfreaks". This puppy packs a pretty good punch and clocks in with 12 original tracks of psychobilly,punkabilly and a little surf. Six of the tracks here appeared on the demo but are redone.Working with producer and Greystone Records headman:Scott Milsom has Thee Creepfreaks sounding better than ever.This is one of those albums that has a really clean and kool flow .It also has a great vibe that hooks you in. Highlights include: "Amber Gambler", "Abandon All Hope", "Straight Jacket", "Go West" and the neat single "El Dorado".
     Thee Creepfreaks have hit pay dirt here with "Tales From Thee Creepfreaks". It's a damn strong debut album and  one rockin' psycho affair too boot.You should throw down a few of your hard earned bucks on this one .You'll be glad you did. Recommended!

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