Saturday, 20 October 2018

The Teenage Zombies - Smoke & Mirrors 2018

   You gotta love The Teenage Zombies.For a band that dwells in the horror angle these cats have never come off heavy handed and are a blast fun.Add to that ,their brand of old school psychobilly is always catchy and down right infectious. With a small but killer rap sheet, they have been raising hell and having fun doing it.The band's  latest offering "Smoke & Mirrors"  once again delivers the goods.Smashing in with a warning to run for your lives,we get 14 tracks of evil rockin' old school psychobilly.They throw in a little infusion of garage,some surf  and then lace the whole affair with a sense of humor that will win you over. Highlights include: "Gravedance", " Fridge Full Of Corpses", "I'm Just Psycho" and  "Gotta Keep Rockin' "
    Overall "Smoke & Mirrors" is one delicious  hellride that delivers a big bang for your buck .Not only that but you will be coming back for more. Highly recommended!!

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