Sunday, 7 October 2018

KINGS OF HONG KONG - Primitive 2018

Tagged as "trash merchants" and rock a rolla ,the Kings of Hong Kong definitely live up to the billing.Hell these cats slice and dice they're way boldly through rock n roll mayhem with a kool gleefulness  that gets you hook line and sinker. Since 2014 they have been serving up a wild dish that mixes rockabilly,garage ,punk, surf and psychobilly all with a serving of fun on the side.The band's latest and 3rd offering;  "Primitive" is proof of that. This time out we get a big bang for our buck with 16 tracks of sleazy rock n roll that stay the course .It's all action packed mayhem from start to finish.Even the album cover is damn sweet.There is nothing here not to like ,unless you hate rock n roll.Highlights include: "The Zigster", "Hell Yeah", " Dirt Bomb", "Primitive" and "Burgandy Shirt"
   Bottom line here is that "Primitive" is one wild,raw and pretty sweet slice of rock n roll .It's an adrenaline shot.Highly recommended!!

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