Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Mee Kats - Let's Go Boppin' 2017

  Since forming  back in 2010 The Mee Kats have quietly won over a lot of folks with their sweet authentic rockabilly/rock n roll and rightfully so.One just has to listen to their ep "Everybody's Rockin" or their debut album "All Dressed Up" to know that these kats mean business and have a whack of fun doing it. On their  latest album , Let's Go Boppin' they stay the course and have released another winner. This time out we get a damn good bang for your buck with 16 tracks. For an album consisting of manly covers,  this puppy is very refreshing and has a great vibe. From boppers to strollers and rockers, it delivers the goods.Highlights include: "Don't Go", " Let's Go Boppin' " , You Shake Me Up" and "Ain't That A Dilly".
     Overall  "Let's Go Boppin" " is a great mix of straight up rockabilly and rock n roll The Mee Kats are in a kool grove here and that makes for some enjoyable listening .Besides that, this is a band that is real easy to like. Recommened! 

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