Saturday, 14 April 2018

Beat Devils - Dig My Beat 2018

It's been 5 years now since the Beat Devils unleashed their last album, the kool all cover  "Touchdown".Since then they have added the single" Radio Dog"(2014) and the surprising and head turning video single "Night Falls Down" (2015) to an all ready stout discography. This is one old school psychobilly outfit that knows how to change it up and let the creative juices flow.Not to be contend these cats have now struck back with their 5th  studio release, the impressive "Dig My Beat"This puppy clocks in with 13 tracks that mix  old school psychobilly and neorockabilly. They also include "Night Falls Down" a country tune that borders on, dare I say Americana.Overall this may be their best album yet.The band manages to change gears a couple times here and all the tracks pretty much sound different. It rocks hard and then pulls you back,then rocks again.As a result ,it's a sweet ride.Highlights include: "Dynamite Eyes", Baby's Got Me Wrong, "Lonely Boy" and "Dig My Beat".
     The Beat Devils have scored another winner with "Dig My Beat".It is a damn good album that makes for a fine listening and your better half will thank you for it .Highly recommended!!

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