Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Terrorsaurs - Swamp Beat 2017

 There are a lot of bands that claim to be primitive and raw rock n roll but few really are.The Terrorsaurs are that and more.Even since they crawled out of the primordial swamp back in 2009, these swamp rats have cough up 3 albums of savage and dangerous instrumental rock n roll.Just to amp things up they also throw in some garage and surf.The band's latest and 4th offering is the powerful "Swamp Beat" and this puppy really grabs the bull by the horns .We get 12 tracks of instrumental rock n roll  that hit damn hard and fast. Hell this is short ,sweet and to the point.It clocks in at  under 25 minutes, so you know they ain't  dickin' around here.At times it's menacing and trashy but it's all freaking kool. No bells and whistles here as this is  straight up and stripped down rock n roll that kills it.It's also their hardest and best album to date. Highlights include: "Gatnapped, "Freight Train", "Swamp Beat", "Boss Crawler" and "Snake Belly".
   With  "Swamp Beat" The Terrorsaurs have scored a direct hit .Lay this on the kool kid in your neighborhood, they will either hate you or think your the kool one. Highly recommended!!

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