Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Gruffs - Not The Full Shilling 2017

When The Gruffs  formed in early 2016  they created some mild interest.After all this is an outfit that has some major pedigree with members coming out of Luna Vegas,The Hellrazors and Mickey and The Mutants.Instead of rushing things the band took the time to write and record material.It turned out to be a good call.The result is" Not The Full Shilling" a slab of delicious old school psychobilly. This puppy comes at you with 12 original tracks that are loaded and ready for fun.It's old school with a  flare of neo rockabilly, so you know it rocks.There is also a whack of humor running through it that at times, some may consider naughty. It's also has a really great vibe about it from start to finish.Highlights include: "Onion Head" , "Stumpy & Skunk Eye", "Bamboo Boogie Man" and "Sniff".
"Not The Full Shilling"  is a stout debut album but then again that should be no surprise considering the cats involved here.It's solid  right from the song writing to the production.You can put your feet up or wreck to this one.It's all good. Recommended!!

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