Sunday, 2 April 2017

Evil Elvis - Undead Or Alive 2017

 Evil Elvis is back and ready to spread more mayhem than ever. It's been around 6 years now since the impressive "Tattoo'd Fuckwit" surfaced and in that time, he and his band of renegades have gotten leaner and meaner.That said the new Evil Elvis album " Undead Or Alive "is now out and this puppy is another winner.For the most part we get 10 tracks of psychobilly that collide with revved up rock n roll and pack a punch.It's also a great follow up for "Tattoo'd Fuckwit" as  it's a little less heavy on the gas and more diverse, resulting in a stronger and better album. Highlights include: "My Evil","My Psycho Love", "Backseat Love" and "Too Fast For You"
        Evil Elvis and his band are in fine form here,hell this is one band that can more than hold their own.If you aren't familiar with Evil Elvis you should give "Undead Or Alive" a spin.Chances are your gonna like it .Recommended.

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