Sunday, 16 April 2017

Steve and The Ghosts Trio - Drunken Robot 2016

There are a lot of rockabilly bands releasing new albums these days and even for diehard fans it's impossible to keep on top of all the new music.As a result some real gems go under the wire, case in point: Steve and The Ghosts Trio  from France.These cats have been around for 5 years and have some pedigree.Their debut "Drunken Robot" came out a few months ago and kinda went unnoticed over here in North America. That's a shame because this is one pretty sweet slab of rockabilly.We get 8 strong originals and 8 kool covers here that will color you impressed.This is straight up rockabilly that times mixes it up with some neo rockbilly flare.From start to finish this puppy is one rocking and refreshing  outing. Only once do they ease up and that's for the slow burning "Last Night I Creid",(with banjo). Highlights include: "Drunken Robot", "You Blow My Top","The Rapist" and a kool cover of Wynn Stewart's "Come On"

      You  can't go wrong with "Drunken Robot",it is flat out good, really nails it and you gotta like that.Highly recommended !

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