Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Raygun Cowboys - The Cowboy Code 2017

There are a few bands that pretty much everyone agrees are damn good and The Raygun Cowboys are one of them.These Edmonton cats are straight up top shelf as well as exciting, unique and a total blast of fresh air.Hell they can make a dead man move.If you have been lucky enough to see them live,you know what I'm saying. With every new album they seem to up their game and with their 6th and latest album " The Cowboy Code " they knock it out of the park.This time out they blow up the house with 11 tracks that will color you impressed.We get the get their signature sound : rockabilly driven by a killer horn section with a serving of punk and rock n roll. From the opening track to the final one this is a high energy and stout outing.Highlights include: " It's Coming Down", Let The Road Decide", the cover of SNFU's "Painful Reminder" and the freakin' kool "Robocop"

      With "The Cowboy Code " The Rayguns Cowboys have never sounded better yet they still sound hungry and as a result this is their best album yet( and that' saying something). This puppy is a must have.Highy recommended !!!!

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