Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Ramblin Bandits - On A Hill 2016

  No one can accuse The Ramblin Bandits of pussy footing around.These cats seem to have come screaming out of nowhere real fast ,hell this trio hasn't been around a year yet and they have done a demo ,signed with  Rhythm Bomb Records,put out a single and have an album dropping .This outfit is loaded with pedigree and delivers some serious  killer rockabilly. The band's debut album " On A Hill " is one smokin' hot platter of 13 hip shaking tracks of rockabilly/rock n roll. Right from the start this puppy hits the gas and and doesn't let up.This is  hungry rockabilly that has a sense of urgency about it  .Highlights include: " Bank Robber Joe", "Talk Dirty", " Getto Bash" and "Why Why Why".
       There isn't a bad track to be found here and "On A Hill" is more that just a stout debut .This is flat out good and a must have. The Ramblin Bandits have delivered a knock out punch here and when you get up your going to hit the repeat button.Highly Recommended!!   

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