Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Rhythm Torpedoes - Hop In The Ride 2016

Hailing from Marburg, Germany  comes the pretty kool outfit The Rhythm Torpedoes, who have been knocking out "ass kickin' rock n roll"/rockabilly  since 2011.To most of us(including me) here in North America these cats pretty much went unnoticed,that is until last year when videos of the band started to appear.With that a small buzz started about them and continues to grow .This is one stout band that you gotta check out.The band's debut album  "Hop In The Ride" has just dropped and this puppy takes no prisoners.Barrelling in with 15 tracks (12 originals) of  wild and raw rockabilly/rock n roll that makes you stand up and take notice. We also get a little side of country to boot just to mix things up .This is totally in Wild Records territory but it is on the Boom Chicka Boom label.Highlights include:  "Harbor Chick", "De Bop","Hell Again","Booze,Booze,Booze" and "Hop In The Ride"
   The Rhythm Torpedoes  have delivered a very strong debut album with "Hop In The Ride". This is a killer ride that is a times urgent ,wild and a whack of fun that leaves you wanting more. Highly Recommended!!

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