Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Tribute to Nigel Lewis - The Guv'nor V/A Diablo Records 2016

When it comes to tribute albums it's either hit or really a big miss.Hell a lot of them leave you thinking why bother.After all it all comes down to the artist in question, if the material covered is strong and the bands paying tribute are good.Saying that it's about time someone did a Nigel Lewis tribute.The  guy is a legend from The Meteors,The Escalators,The Johnson Family to The Tall Boys and The Zorchmen, he has been  and is still a major influence when it comes to psychobilly. All this leads me to the new release by Diablo Records ,"A Tribute to Nigel Lewis "The Guv'nor " and this is one sweet puppy .We get 12 tracks by 12 bands (and not all from the Diablo label) of psychobilly and rock n roll madness.There isn't a weak track here and in most cases the tracks are elevated and some come off as originals.Each band really does put their own spin on the proceedings and that makes this an interesting and enjoyable ride.Highlights include: The Marksmen- "Brand New Gun",The Magnetic - "Satellite Baby", The Zipheads doing a ska inspired  version of "Earwigs In My Brain" and The Guitar Slingers doing "Ride This Torpedo"
 From top to bottom this is one stout album,that covers all of Nigel Lewis's career  .There are some truly  classic songs here as well as some  lesser known tracks that surprisingly  bring it on.As far as tribute albums go ,it doesn't get much better than this.A deserving artist,great source material and a whack of kool top shelf bands make this a standout album and a must have.Highly recommended!!!
 1. The Highliners - My Daddy Is A Vampire
02. The Doppelgangers - Last House On The Left
03. The Marksmen - Brand New Gun
04. Doyley & The Deadbeats - Took A Long Time
05. The Magnetix - Satellite Baby
06. Spellbound - Rockabilly Psychosis
07. Moonshine Stalkers - Final Kick
08. Clockwork Psycho - Don't Fuck Around With Me
09. The Zipheads - Earwigs In My Brain
10. The Jack O'Bones - Hotel In New Orleans
11. Kemp - Demolition Rock'n'Roll
12. Guitar Slingers - Ride This Torpedo

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