Sunday, 3 July 2016

Relax Trio - III 2016

Some bands just keep getting better and better ,case in point Relax Trio .These young upstarts  have always shown a whack of talent and maturity.From rockabilly to the blues and straight up rock n roll they have always delivered the goods. One can't help but be impressed with their  body of work.The band's latest effort "  III " continues the winning streak.This puppy strolls in with a confidence and maturity that bowls you over.We get 11 originals of  the usual  mix of rockabilly ,blues ,rock n roll and shades of country.However the result this time out is by far their most rock n roll album yet.Yep this rocks real good.From a couple of slower numbers to all out rockers the album has a really good vibe and flow.These cats know when to hit then lift off the gas.Highlights include: "Boy From The Fifties", "Goody Two Shoes Go Wild", "Backseat Boogie Nights", "Victory Roll and "You Drive Me Nuts".
   Overall "III" is the band's best effort yet.The Relax Trio have succeeded  in maintaining a billy base while becoming a killer rock n roll outfit and that's impressive .Whats really kool is that they are still young and hungry, you just know they're only going to get better.Highly Recommended!!

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