Sunday, 10 July 2016

Doghouse Rose - Bourbon & Gasoline 2016

Over the last few years the  Canuck outfit  Doghouse Rose  has earned an  international rep as one of the most exciting and fun live acts out there. Playing a brand of "rebel country" that is very infectious has put them on the map. Hell even if your not into country these kats are hard to resist.The band's debut self titled is  more than solid and was well received,both critically and by the public. All this has lead to some high expectations for and on them. That said the sophomore effort " Bourbon & Gasoline " has just dropped  and  these kats have stepped it up. Clocking in with 14 tracks of "rebel country" that range from smoldering to burning hot.This is country that has an edge and at times is dark.Again the band draws on a mix bag of influences (from punk, hillbilly to rock and pop) to give them a unique take .The result is one fun and kool ride.Highlights include: " Dead or Alive", "Waiting for You", "I'm Gonna Drink" and " Lurking in the Dark"  
 Doghouse Rose are a band that brings a lot to the table and  "Bourbon & Gasoline "proves that .This puppy stands up well and will grow on you even if your not into country. Hell this is one stout outfit that knows how to deliver the goods. Recommended  

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