Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Jack O' Bones - Three Jacks 2016

If  you into  "Psychotic Rock n Roll"/ psychobilly you gotta check out The Jack O' Bones.These kats have been hard at it since late 2012 and are often overlooked by psychos. But those who are familiar with the band will tell you just how good they are.Hell my better is a huge fan and she ain't afraid to tell anyone just how good they are .Anyway this is a band that packs a big punch and is on the stacked Diablo Records label .Their debut album "Wreck Ya To Death" is more than stout and one you should check out.That said the band's sophomore album "Three Jacks " has now dropped and this puppy is pretty kool .Punching in with 11 tracks of  psychobilly fun that will leave you impressed.This is old school psychobilly that strikes a solid balance with punk,billy and rock n roll.The result is a fresh and brisk ride.Highlights include: "Do You Believe In Werewolves", "Cleopatras Eyes", "Keyboard Warrior", and "3 Jacks".
  The Jack O' Bones check all the boxes with " Three Jacks ". From song writing to execution to production,this is a pretty strong album that is brisk ,fun and killer .A definite pick up.Highly recommended!   
Cleopatras Eyes
Do You Believe In Werewolves
Do You Believe In Werewolves
Do You Believe In Werewolves

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