Saturday, 23 January 2016

Midnight Teds - I Love That Girl 2015

If your into teddy boy rock n roll you probably know of Sweden's Midnight Teds,if not you may want to check them out..These kats have been kicking out their brand of teddy boy rock since 2009.With 2 albums and 2 singles (all good) they have managed to gain a solid rep as well as a growing fan base.The band's latest release" I Love That Girl ",their 3rd album shows that this is an outfit that isn't  afraid to mix it up.This puppy struts through the door with 8 originals and 3 covers that range from teddy boy rock to rockabilly to punk and more.Hell there is 2 Misfits covers here and the track "Unexplained Things" is a haunting,rootsy track with strings.Also there is 3 tracks that have been released before included here.The result is an album that is diverse and surprisingly refreshing .Highlights include: "I Love That Girl", "Leroy","The Beast " and " Rockabilly Village".
 No one can accuse the Midnight Teds of standing still.They are a teddy boy rock n roll band that aren't afraid to spread their wings. By any standard "I Love That Girl" is a damn solid album and it's also  kinda kool. Recommended!!    

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