Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Whiskey Daredevils - Nashville Surprise 2015

 Whether you love them or hate them  The Whiskey Daredevils   are one ass kickin' band that has always delivered the goods.Hell for over a decade now these kats have been  mixing it up and blowing up genre lines all while pissing off more than a few purist and growing their fan base at the same time . Too some they are cowpunk,alt country,rockabilly to others they are punkabilly ,Americana and  even hard rock to some(you get the picture).The band's ninth album;  "Nashville Surprise" has just been unleashed and let's just say they aren't pulling any punches here.This beast smashes in with 12 original that for the most part drive pretty hard,have attitude and really do impress.You don't have to be a fan to dig this.All the elements that make this band kool are here,only this time out there seems to be a harder more rock n roll feel and that really adds to the album. Highlights: include: " Always","Devil's Grand Marquis", "Milwaukee 8" and "Tuscaloosa Dagger".
         You gotta give it to The Whiskey Daredevils they have always blazed their own path and done it well.With "Nashville Surprise" they have delivered their best effort yet .This is fueled injected rock n roll  that has more than enough meat on the bone.Recommended !!   

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