Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Brains - Out In The Dark 2015

 Over the  past few years Canuck psycho's The Brains  have emerged as one of the top psychobilly bands out there.This is one serious contender that has managed to release a string of 6 impressive albums that is hard to match.Hell the big questions about every Brains release is just how good it really is and how do   these kats  keep getting better.Their 7th and latest album "Out In The Dark" is now out and this little monster is nothing short of a real barn burner.We get 11 tracks of kinetic psychobilly with a wack of punk infusion.Yeah it's more of the same but  that's what they do and just like in the past they nail it.Highlights include: "Wolfman", "Lifetime", "The Witch" and "Killer".
    So just how good is "Out In The Dark",well it may not be as intense as say "Zombie Nation" but it is arguably  their best all round album yet and that's not an easy feat.This is a must have album by a band that not only delivers the goods but  are still hungry and again seem to get better with every release.Highly recommended!!

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