Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Saucer-men - Fangs 2015

Over the course of 15 years the Australian outfit, The Saucer-men have managed gain a strong following,some international attention and have put together a small but impressive discography of 1 single, 2 eps and 2 albums.These kats  may be a neo-rockabilly band but they aren't afraid to mix it up and as a result the band's sound has a kool vibe. If you want proof of that you just have to check out the band's third and newest album " Fangs". This puppy rolls in with 11 tracks (10 originals) that range from straight up rockabilly to  country to rock n roll, some  spaghetti influenced billy and little splash of ska added on the side .Hell we even get some kool trumpet playing  on one track.It really is  a well balanced and diverse album.Highlights include: "Voodoo Stomp","Fangs","Ghost Train" and "Gangsters"
    The Saucer-men are a band that always impress  and "Fangs" is their best effort to date.This is a strong and pretty neat effort that is well worth checking out. Recommended!

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  1. Thanks for a great review, I can attest to the huge local following these amazingly talented guys have, and the pure joy and sing-ability of their songs is hard to beat!