Sunday 12 July 2015

Brian Baker and The Memphis Knights - Rollerskate Baby 2015

The east coast of Canada has always had a stout music scene but for some reason bands from the area are often overlooked One of the better bands to emerge in the last few years has been Brian Baker and The Memphis Knights and this is one outfit that you should be keen on. Playing a brand of rockabilly with a dash of old school rock n roll and "swampy blues", they have managed to attract some international attention. The band's sophomore release  "Rollerskate Baby"should firmly put these kats on the rockabilly map.This puppy glides in with 10  strong originals of rockabilly bliss that will cure your ills.This is basically a rockabilly  album with a little blues and rock n roll tossed in.Highlights include: "Quit Staring"," Hit the Gas","Rollerskate Baby" and "Lac Megantic"(about the train disaster in the town Lac Megantic,Quebec). 
    This is one of those albums that really grows on you with repeated listening. Brian Baker and The Memphis Knights have delivered  a straight out winner with "Rollerskate Baby" and you should check it out . Recommended     

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