Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hard Six - Haunted Ride 2015

When it comes to the band Hard Six  you really never what your going to get.After all this isn't your run of the mill punkabilly band.These kats  probably  really don't care about genre lines and that makes them a better band.Too some they are a kick ass rockabilly band too others, punkabilly or rock n roll  and even a country band.Take your pick they do it all.With 2 pretty good albums under their belts they have managed to crave out a solid and growing fan base.The outfits latest release "Haunted Ride " is damn solid and diverse, with each track sounding different  .This puppy slides in with 10 tracks that infuse country,rockabilly ,punkabilly and rock n roll.The result is one kool and silky ride and as a result there  is a really neat vibe going on here.Highlights include: "Rockabilly Rumble", "Heartbreaker", "Wip Wop" and "Haunted Ride".
     Hard Six are self described "punkabilly rockers",well  "Haunted Ride" proves again they are way more than that .This is a confident outfit that's not afraid to mix it up and still delivers the goods .Recommended !

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